Medically Managed Weight Loss

Designed specifically for each client

Medically Managed Weight Loss

The Power of B12 has created a medically supervised weight loss program which is designed specifically for each individual client based on their bodies metabolic makeup. Each individualized program is fitted with specific goals, health parameters, and a designated treatment regimen.

The weight loss programs incorporate nutritional counseling, the administration of oral and injectable supplement regiments which assists in the acceleration of weight loss. These regiments essentially work to burn fat rapidly, in addition to adjusting the diet to include balanced healthy nutritional meals.

The Power of B12 has worked with countless individuals who have seen remarkable improvements in shedding unwanted pounds. The keyword we use is “Consistency,” we advocate that if you consistently follow the prescribed regiment of oral and injectable supplements and adhere to the nutritional counseling you too will see monumental results!

Now offering Meso Lipo Injections to lose inches in stubborn areas! Dr. Parks is certified in administering this highly effective weight loss treatment.

The Power of B12 medically supervised weight loss program uses the products below:

Everyone’s weight loss goal is their own private journey. The Power of B12 will assist you in achieving your goals on your journey! So, call us today to BOOK your Consultation @ 954- 909-4309!